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Daily Quiz: 2019-02-10

1In which two season did Emerson Fittipaldi win the World Championship?
1972 and 1974
1974 and 1976
1976 and 1978
1970 and 1972
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2Which of these was the title of a 1970s George Lucas movie?
American Style
American Woman
American Graffiti
American Place
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3Colomb is the SI unit of….?
Electrical Charge
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4Who won the 1994 Grammy for Record of the Year for "All I Wanna Do"?
Celine Dion
Shania Twain
Sheryl Crow
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5With whom did Faith Evans had a No. 1 hit in 1997 with the song "I'll Be Missing You"?
Puff Daddy
Will Smith
Jon B
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