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The Big Idea

QuizBang is essentially the Wikipedia of quiz questions, but without the politics and controversy. The idea is that users can visit the site to test their knowledge on a variety of typical multiple-choice quiz questions - so far, so good. However, registered users can then also edit questions to correct mistakes, and add brand new questions.

All questions in the database are in the public domain, so anyone can create and download a list of questions for any purpose - pub quizzes, online quizzes, etc. QuizBang also provides QWS (QuizBang Web Services), allowing a whole range of other websites and software to access the database and include quizzes on their pages, and so on. For more information on QWS, click here.

As of October 2015, QuizBang has over 2,700 questions and we're adding more all the time. Many thanks to Daniel Fullard, aka The Quiz Addict, for supplying the majority of these questions!


QuizBang users can earn points in a variety of ways while using the site. Unlike on certain TV game shows, points on QuizBang do not make prizes - they're just for fun. The points awarded for various activities are shown below.

Do this:to score:
Answer a question correctly+3 points
Answer a question incorrectly-1 point
Add a new question+8 points
Edit an existing question+3 points

NB: Only registered QuizBang users can add or edit questions.

Create your own free quiz

QuizBang allows you (as a registered user) to create any number of your own quizzes. Just give it a title (maybe 'Triv Night') and select how many rounds you want, and how many questions per round. QuizBang will randomly select the questions for you - all you have to do is print them out. You can choose to print the quiz as a single questions+answers sheet if you're going to be reading the questions out over a PA system, or you can print just the questions so that you can pass the question sheets out, and so on - try creating a quiz on the 'My Account' page to see all the options.

Use a public quiz

Some QuizBang quizzes are public, so that you and all other registered users can print them out and use them for your own quiz events. Just go the the 'My Account' page to see all the public quizzes that are currently available. If you're feeling generous, you can make any of your own quizzes public so that the whole world can benefit from them.

Enhance your website with the QuizBang widget

You can easily add a QuizBang question widget like the one below to your own website:


To add this to your own site, just copy and paste this code into your HTML:

For the techies...

QuizBang is written entirely in JavaScript on the client side and Perl on the server side, with data stored in a MySQL database. It uses the now-ubiquitous AJAX technique to make it nicely interactive, with able support from the excellent Prototype and Scriptaculous libraries.

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