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Terms and Conditions

Users of QuizBang implicitly agree to the following Terms and Conditions (T&Cs). If you don't wish to be subject to these T&Cs, do not use QuizBang.

In plain language: QuizBang is an open database of quiz questions which relies on the contributions of its users. Any contributions you make are therefore, as you would expect, public domain and you do not retain any copyright or other rights over them. You may be kicked off the site if you vandalise or otherwise abuse it.

In detail:

1. QuizBang records usage data each time you visit the site, such as which questions you answered, added or edited, etc. Such data may be aggregated and displayed publicly in the form of leaderboards etc. No personally-identifiable information (other than your QuizBang username) will appear in such aggregate data displays.

2. Any and all creative or other works carried out by you in the answering, editing or creation of questions within the QuizBang database, whether using the QuizBang.co.uk web interface or any other method, are automatically granted to the public domain. Both QuizBang and any other users of QuizBang may therefore use and distribute such works in any manner whatsoever.

3. You must not rely on any copyrighted work when adding or editing questions in QuizBang's database. By adding or editing any question, you assert that the resulting text is your own work and does not derive from any copyrighted or other controlled source.

4. You agree to maintain the highest possible accuracy and quality in any additions or edits you make to QuizBang's database. You accept that your account may be suspended or terminated if, in the opinion of QuizBang's administrators, your contributions do not meet suitable accuracy and quality standards.

These terms and conditions are dated 2009-07-13 and may be updated or revised at any time.

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